Terracotta Film Festival

I had great fun in filming this event, especially as I am a fan of Asian cinema and have a close personal connection to that area of the world.

The film festival lasts for one week in central London at the end of May, showing 23 films from all over Asia and includes a number of Q&A’s, Masterclasses and Parties!

This year there was a special focus on films from the Philippines, and they also had a great Horror all-nighter for those who were brave enough.


The Terracotta FIlm Festival is organised by Terracotta Entrertainment Group and has been running since 2009 and is London’s biggest Asian Cinema event.  They champion emerging and critically acclaimed Asian Cinema in the UK, while also bringing together the Asian film fan community.

Myself with Joey the Festival Director.


Mobieus V_1

Moebius UK DVD

I was recently asked by Terracotta Distribution to film and edit together material including Q&A’s and Interviews, for the UK release of the highly acclaimed Korean film Moebius.

Director Kim Ki-duk’s daring portrayal of a dysfunctional family , filmed entirely without dialogue making this disturbing drama all the more potent. It is provocative, darkly comic, and not to be missed, although not for the faint hearted.

Ltd Edition 2

Front Up Rugby Ltd Edition & Kickstarter

Working again with Front Up Rugby this time on a promotional video for their Ltd Edition range which they launched last year along with a new Kickstater Campaign. The videos were shot at the Nottingham printing factory where all their T-shirts are made. It was great to see and film the whole process.

The Kickstarter project that Front Up Rugby ran was successful in reaching its target, in the end it almost doubled the initial goal.


Limited Edition


Kickstarter Campaign


Clothes Show Live 2013

Just before Christmas I worked with Clothes Show TV as part of the video production team based on site for seven days at the Clothes Show Live at the NEC Birmingham. This was a very busy few days editing and filming a number of different videos for the client with a very quick turn around, often with same day shoot and edit delivery required. For me personally this included editing behind the scenes videos, filming fashion shows, video fashion guides and  interviews with celebrities including Union J, Mike Hough and Oliver Proudlock to name a few.

Below are a few examples of the work I did.

First up a short behind the scenes of the main show preparations that I edited. (first 1.20 mins)

These are a couple of the interviews I filmed. The first one is Annalise Dayes with Oliver Proudlock and the second is Ashley James interviewing Mike Hough and the third is Ashley again this time with Union J.


Front Up Rugby Christmas Shoot

Just before Christmas I got to work with FrontUp Rugby Clothing again producing a video for their Christmas collection. As before they were great fun to work with and it is certainly worth checking out their new range. The video was used as part of a big promotion and sales drive prior to Christmas for their website and also for Debenhams and House of Fraser.


I also did a timelapse of the shoot which you can look at below shot using a Go Pro camera. A bit of fun, a sort of behind the scenes of the behind the scenes if you like.

Front Up Rugby still 1

Front Up Rugby

Front Up Rugby are a British rugby inspired clothing label that has been growing over a number of years and will certainly continue to in the future. As an owner of a number of their tops myself, I can attest to the quality of their clothing. They have a great Rugby based ethos with a number of former players, such as James Haskell, being investors and use actual players from all levels of the game as models in their campaigns.

Just recently they launched their 2013 Summer and Lions collection and this film was a look behind the scenes of the photo shoot.

The film has been used not only to garner further investment in this growing brand but also to aid the launch of the ranges in both Debenhams and House of Fraser.


LCC thumbnail 1

London Cycle Campaign Film

I was lucky enough to work again with the London Cycle Campaign on another film recently. They do great working promoting cycling and trying to get more people involved from young kids to older people who may not of been on a bike in years. They also campaign for better and safer roads which in the end will benefit us all. The great thing about these films is going far and wide across London and getting to see all the different people from different walks of life but all with a passion to get on a bike and make London a better place to get around and help to improve our environment.

The film was to show their funders the variety of projects that they support and what the funding goes towards. You can find some films on my site that will give a more specific insight into the projects that they have funded.


home page

New Website and Blog

A new website and a new blog

I will be using the blog to detail what projects I am working on or researching and keep anyone interested informed of the progress. I currently have a few things in the pipeline and I will start updating you soon on their progress.

Hopefully you have had a chance to look around my new site, if not then please do check it out.  If you have any questions about anything you see, or future collaborations, then please feel free to get in touch.